The new security cameras see everything

After a break in and robbery at a nearby marijuana dispensary, the place near me decided to install brand new security cameras.

The new security cameras catch every single angle of the property. I would know, because I was the person that installed every single one of them. The security cameras all face the parking lot area and there are a couple in the lights as well. The outdoor lights record 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Inside of the store there are special sensors and motion detectors that trigger the cameras to start recording. The cameras are recording non-stop during the day, but during the evening they are set up on sensors and detectors for motion. Everything is stored in a cloud. I got a call a couple of weeks after I finished up with the job. It was the owner and operator of the nearby marijuana dispensary. He wanted to know if he could give out my information to a friend that was looking for security cameras at home. I didn’t realize that the owner of the marijuana dispensary was going to be such a valuable asset. The guy has already sent me up with three new clients and one of those clients is another commercial job. I’ll be busy with that next 3 weeks and it’s all thanks to the work I did for the owner of the nearby marijuana dispensary. I’ve only been in business for myself for a few years and I pride myself on providing the best customer service and rates in the city.

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