The Old hippie had legal cannabis

It’s still kind of funny to me when I reach for the spray can of air desmellizer.

  • But for several decades, any exhalation of marijuana smoke came with some spray.

I lived for such a long time in fear of being revealed as a habitual cannabis user. This was because I was in fact a hippie that was not wearing a coat and tie at the office. I still used cannabis products almost monthly although I hid it from the rest of the world. And so did my wife Sam. So I get a large kick out just how ingrained all those ancient behaviors can be. These mornings, there is more cannabis freedom. Medical marijuana came along and helped those suffering out there. Of course, that wasn’t enough to get government approval. No, it took the current news stream and all that to get cannabis approved for use. It went well though so well it was almost as though medical marijuana was a transition to legal recreational marijuana, then ready access to the cannabis dispensary for anyone of age was passed easily. And I don’t have to hide my habit anymore. Of course, I’m retired now and am almost 72. So it’s not going to affect my career or anything like that openly being a cannabis user. Honestly, I kind of like that nobody honestly seems to love the weed myth anymore. And yet, it sure is nice to know the law won’t be showing up at my property because I’m sitting on the deck with my wife Sam enjoying some purple haze premium blend. And I don’t even have to spray anything in the air when I exhale my now legal recreational marijuana. It’s a fine time to be an ancient hippie that’s for sure.