The patient was clearly having a panic attack

A patient came into the emergency room in addition to she thought that she was having a heart attack, the woman did not look enjoy she was having a heart attack, so I thought that she was truly having a panic attack! She was showing all of the classic signs of a panic attack, which include covered in sweat, trembling, a fast heart rate, in addition to dizziness.

There were no other signs that something was really wrong in addition to all of the tests showed that there were no heart problems at all, and i told the patient that she was having a panic attack in addition to I suggested some things that might help.

The woman did not want to hear anything that I had to say in addition to she was really convinced that she was having a heart attack. She left the emergency room in addition to said that she was going to go to a unusual hospital. I saw that patient again a couple of afternoons ago. She was in the emergency room with her mother! Her mother was not in there for a panic attack or a heart attack. The woman stopped myself and others to tell myself and others that I was right about the panic. She told myself and others that she decided to go to a therapist after going to the emergency room in addition to she suffered from terrible panic attacks, but now she had a way to stop those panic attacks in addition to that was medical marijuana. The patient had gone through the classes so she could get a medical marijuana card. Now the patient will be able to buy medical marijuana products that she can use when she is feeling that flight or flight response.
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