The plumbing issues made us close down the bathroom

Last week I was working at the marijuana dispensary and there was a huge problem with the plumbing.

Someone used the bathroom early in the morning.

It must have been a customer, because no one in the marijuana store seemed to know there was a problem. The problem wasn’t severe, but it was a pretty big mess. One of the customers tried to flush a bunch of paper towels down the toilet and that stopped up the plumbing. The person tried to flush the toilet a couple of times and there was water all over the floor. When the front counter budtender went to the restroom, she found the mess and immediately alerted the manager. The manager brought a huge, heavy-duty plunger from the supply closet. She asked the security officer to get rid of the clog. Unfortunately, the clog was too much for the security guard too. We had to close down the bathroom until a plumbing repair company could arrive. The customers at the marijuana dispensary were aggravated that the bathroom was closed. We had a lot of complaints and someone threatened to contact a lawyer because our bathrooms are supposed to be open to the public. I carefully tried to make the customer aware that we were doing everything possible to reopen the bathroom as quickly as possible. Sadly, there are still some customers that were upset and aggravated when they left. It’s not as if we ran out of marijuana supplies. We simply had a small issue with the plumbing that needed to be fixed that day.

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