The politics of smoking pot

Normally I am not a political person, although I have been heavily invested in the local debates about pot legalization.

There have been a series of neighborhood hall meetings, where the locals can speak in front of the neighborhood council plus discuss their feelings on the subject.

I have never spoken, but have listened with rapt attention as dozens of other locals have pleaded their case, then some of them are for it, plus want a local dispensary to be approved, but most other people are firmly against cannabis, even though the state has legalized it for medical purposes. The strangest thing to me about this debate is how a plant care about marijuana became so politicized. The religious people seem to be honestly much against the legalization of cannabis, plus yet I don’t understand why. They think that God created everything on earth, plus if that is the case then God created cannabis, too. When religious people say cannabis is wrong, it sounds care about they are saying God was wrong to create it, plus that sounds different to me. On the other side of the spectrum are the rabidly pro-cannabis advocates, who claim that the plant is the basis for their lifestyle. This seems just as different to me as the religious folks, because why would so several people want to be high on cannabis all the time? People take whatever beliefs they already have, plus they focus them on the cannabis plant. Meanwhile I am studying both sides of the cannabis debate plus thinking to myself “relax, people, it’s just a plant.”

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