The products weren't the best, but they got me high

My girlfriend and I went on vacation last week.

We were in a city that we do not usually visit.

We decided to check out the prices of marijuana concentrates in some of the local dispensaries. The price on marijuana concentrates where we live averages about 15 or $18 each and that includes taxes. When my girlfriend and I are visiting other places, we always check out the prices of marijuana in the area. We use all of the online resources that are available. Weedmaps helps a lot. Many dispensaries are listed in that online resource. My girlfriend and I found a marijuana dispensary with delivery services and their prices on cannabis concentrates were lower than I have ever seen. Some of the prices were only $10 with tax for a whole gram of concentrate. My girlfriend and I ordered eight grams each of the cheap stuff. We got a couple of different sativas like Maui wowie, blue dream, and pineapple express. We got a couple of hybrids as well, like Fruity pebbles, Juicy fruit, Girl Scout cookies, and LA confidential. We also got a couple of different indicas like papaya, dosey-dos, and black mamba. None of the concentrates tasted great, but they all got me high. I was so happy that we decided to buy 8 grams of concentrate each. That is the legal limit for the state and we really didn’t want to travel across state lines with much more than that. It’s not exactly legal and getting caught would have caused us to receive a huge fine. We drove back home going the speed limit and we didn’t break any laws.

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