The reason that cannabis was demonized

I have regularly been ambivalent when it comes to politics.

This country has a two get together system, and in our humble estimation, neither get together is worth a dime. There is no a single in politics that really looks out for the “little guys” love myself and others and our family, so I don’t support any of them! That said, when the issue of pot legalization came up, I started to get invested. This was an issue that struck close to home, and if this state could finally allow medical marijuana, a lot of our concerns would be solved. First of all, let myself and others state for the record that there is no moral or ethical problem with using cannabis! Cannabis is a naturally occurring plant, no peculiar from trees or dandelions or the grass that grows in your yard. When an idiot politician says that cannabis is immoral, it sounds the same as if they said roses were immoral. A plant cannot be superb or bad, it’s just a plant! To make matters all the more confusing, cannabis is a single of the plants with amazing health benefits to it. Why on earth would anyone want to make cannabis illegal? I’ll tell you who – the tobacco industry. The only reason so numerous morons in this country assume cannabis is “the devil’s lettuce” is because of an fancy and pervasive smear campaign orchestrated by Big Tobacco. Cannabis is superior to tobacco in every possible way, and so to conserve their own businesses, the tobacco farmers demonized cannabis. That misinformation campaign is still prevalent to this very today.



Medical Marijuana Certifications