The sales included rosin and the top shelf marijuana flower

I didn’t know there was a sale at the marijuana dispensary when I went there on Monday to stock up on supplies.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I saw the sign on the door.

All afternoon long on Monday, supplies in the marijuana dispensary are going to be 20% off. The sale included all of the top shelf marijuana flowers. I hardly ever buy top shelf marijuana flower, because it is so overpriced. I looked at various of the jars in the display case at the front of the store. All of the marijuana strains in the glass display case are top shelf flower products and they are all much more overpriced than the products that are already bagged on the wall. I saw an absolutely nice top shelf marijuana strain that was a sativa. The name of the sativa marijuana strain was actually ak-47. The sativa marijuana strain had a pretty neat and interesting name. The buds were dense and thick and covered in white trichomes. The marijuana strain looked unquestionably pretty and it smelled even better. Since the sale included all of the top shelf marijuana flowers, I decided to buy the sativa strain called ak-47. It was $69 for an actual third, despite the fact that I got the product for $60 after the 20% off sale. As soon as I got back to my apartment, I opened up the jar of ak-47. The smell was overpowering and filled the air. I put one bud in a bowl and smoked all of the contents. The sativa strain was one of the best that I ever tried.

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