The silicone marijuana bowl was gone

Hardly a week ago, our bestie Max bought me a lovely silicone marijuana bowl for our birthday.

  • The bowl has a lot of cool colors including green, pink, and bright red.

The silicone bowl is completely made of flexible material. It does not matter if I drop it on the tile floor a million times, it’s not going to break. I saw the bowl in a smoke shop Last month and Max and I were together. I told Max that I thought it was a entirely neat looking bowl. I did not buy it, because I already had a nice bowl that was made of glass. It was entirely working perfectly good and I did not think there was enough need to buy something that I did not legitimately need. When it was our birthday, Max surprised me with the silicone marijuana bowl. Max bought the bowl with pink, green, and green colors. It was the same 1 that I was looking at in the head shop. I was so surprised by the bowl that I blurted out I love you to Max. It was a very unusual time to say I love you for the first time, although I could not contain our enthusiasm. Hardly 2 days after Max bought the bowl, our pet decided to eat it. I came home from my job and there were little pieces of silicone all over the pet’s bed. My pet looked as doleful as can be. I do not think I will ever see that bowl again, because I am pretty sure that our hungry pet decided to digest it. I have not been able to locate any other parts.
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