The weed shop offers tricks and treats on Halloween

I love Halloween! Of all the holidays of the year, including Christmas and my anniversary, Halloween is my preferred, but i always decorate my house, inside and out, on the first day of the month so I can prefer that spooky feeling for as long as possible.

I also put a lot of thought and effort into my costume.

If I don’t have a sizable Halloween gathering to attend, I still wear a costume just to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters! Last Halloween I got to do something I had never done before – a costume gathering at the local cannabis dispensary… Since pot was legalized in this state my pal and I have had many bizarre cannabis dispensaries open in town, and they are all competing for the same customers, but my preferred marijuana dispensary is the one that set up a smokers lounge to encourage their customers to spend more time at the store. Last Halloween the cannabis dispensary hosted a costume gathering where they promised there would be live music and free prizes. I thought about dressing up as a sizable cannabis leaf, but instead I dressed up as Tommy Chong. I’m so thrilled I did, because there were three other ladies at the gathering all wearing cannabis lead costumes! There wasn’t another Tommy Chong costume present, although I did find two bizarre “Cheeches” and my pal and I took some selfies in the cannabis dispensary. Everyone who attended the gathering got a special piece of trick or treat candy that was certainly a cannabis edible, however the grand prize winner won a 6-pack of pre-rolled cannabis joints.

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