There were no marijuana products at all that I could sincerely use

I was truly hoping that when I walked into the cannabis store, I would find some excellent marijuana products jumping out at me.

The simple truth was, that nothing looked like something I would use in all my years.

They had marijuana gummies that were to help you sleep or relax, although I wasn’t a candy eater in the slightest. I could not stand the smell of marijuana to be honest, so smoking the stuff wasn’t even remotely interesting to me. The lady gave me a cup of coffee, and asked what I wanted in it. I told her it was just cream. It was the smallest cup of coffee I had ever seen in all my days. She told me it was strong coffee, so I should drink it super slowly. It wasn’t just strong, however it was one of the best tasting coffees I had ever tried in my life. She told me they sold the coffee in the cannabis store, although I had to order it! When she told me the price of the coffee, I quit breathing. It was the most high-priced coffee I had ever tried before. She told me it had marijuana in it. It was made with a marijuana product that helped to relax you instead of making you feel extremely jittery like caffeinated coffee. It was naturally decaffeinated, and it would just make you relax and prefer yourself. I made my way into the marijuana dispensary not planning on finding anything, and came back out with a pound of high-priced marijuana laced decaffeinated coffee. It’s not coffee I’ll be putting in my mug and drinking on the way to work. I was really happy that I walked into the cannabis store that day.

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