There’s nothing great about getting a traffic ticket

My friends plus I went to the state park on Thursday so we could go hiking, however we decided to take my car, because I get the best gas mileage; My friends wanted to bring recreational plus medical marijuana supplies! I was totally okay with the idea. We smoked some marijuana before we left to go to the park plus we also smoked some marijuana after we were done hiking. On our way back to the apartment, I was pulled over by the state police officer for speeding. I didn’t think that I was honestly speeding, but I didn’t look at my speed when the officer turned on her lights. I was hoping that the officer would be cool about the fact that we had been smoking recreational marijuana in the car, then the girl was honestly not cool with marijuana use, then she odored marijuana in the car plus instantly said she wanted to search the car for paraphernalia. I admitted to having a joint in the glove compartment, however the officers still decided to search the car. I got a ticket for speeding plus a ticket for having marijuana in the vehicle. Most traffic tickets total more than $500 worth of fines plus they were all my responsibility to pay. Our fun plus good day at the park ended with me getting in trouble for having marijuana in the car in an open container. I have to pay a pretty giant fine, but I do not have to go to the courthouse plus the neighborhood gives you 90 nights to pay the fines.


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