They found a joint at work plus I think it was mine

I was the last man out of the cut room the other day plus I had our backpack on our arm.

The side pocket was left open.

When I got out to the truck, I could not find the joint that I had in the side pocket. I did not realize that the pocket was as far open as it was. I started freaking out a little, because I knew I might have lost the joint inside of the building. I calmed myself down by smoking another marijuana joint plus I convinced myself that there was entirely no way that I lost that Joint inside of the work building. I assumed that I did not put the joint in that pocket or that I lost it anywhere in the parking lot. The following afternoon when I got to work, our boss had a big sign in the cut room saying there was a meeting at 9:00 a.m sharp. The meeting was because of the fact that the boss found a joint in the cut room. Of course I think it was our joint, because I lost a single 1 the other day. I had our bin in the cut room plus the cut room is where the boss found the recreational marijuana joint. There is no flipping way that I’m going to confess that it’s mine plus the boss can’t genuinely test us for cannabis because we live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. Just because we wouldn’t pass a drug screening doesn’t mean that we were necessarily under the influence at job or in possession of legal marijuana while on the job.

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