They scared me in school about cannabis

When I was in high school cannabis was considered the gateway drug.

I watched videos in an assembly hall about the dangers of drugs.

Weed was always highlighted as being evil. It started out as cannabis and then you became a crack or meth addict. It scared me to the point that I never partook in cannabis all throughout high school and college. I didn’t want to mess my life up with cannabis. I didn’t want to get addicted to harder drugs. After I graduated the tone of cannabis changed a lot. Suddenly chemotherapy patients were taking cannabis to help with the nausea. Older folks and those who had accidents take cannabis to help with chronic pain. Cannabis is being used to treat depression, PTSD, anxiety and seizures. There are even cases of those with Altzheimers and glaucoma relying on cannabis products too. I now have friends that use cannabis oil in order to sleep at night. Cannabis went from being this evil thing to where everyone uses it as their drug of choice. It is much better than prescription pills with horrible side effects. It is from a plant and you know exactly what is in it. More states are becoming recreational cannabis states too. It is a safer method of having fun over consuming alcohol since there is a ceiling on weed and you can’t overdose. I still feel weird anytime I try marijuana however. I recognize that it isn’t bad or evil anymore. But all that training as a kid has me still concerned.


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