Treating leg cramps with cannabis

I exercise everyday for approximately an hour; Keeping myself in nice physical condition is legitimately important to me.

I include a good deal of high intensity aerobics in my workouts… Jumping rope is a favorite exercise of mine.

I also cycle, run, swim & complete sets of jumping jacks, burpees, lunges & squats.Although my task is quite sedentary, I am legitimately active outside of work. I love working in the gardens, tackling new home improvement projects, hiking, tennis & kayaking. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started having troubles with pain in my calves. They periodically ache throughout the day & the problem regularly worsens at night. I tried bizarre types of over-the-counter pain medications & rubs such as icy hot. There were mornings when I could only sleep with heating pads wrapped around my calves. I often needed to get up, walk around & stretch my muscles. My cousin commanded that I try cannabis. While I had heard of cannabis providing relief for people going through chemotherapy or suffering glaucoma, I wasn’t aware it could help with muscle pain. I did some research & was genuinely surprised by the curative properties of cannabinoids. While there isn’t all that numerous studies to prove or disprove the claims, there are endless success stories. I paid a visit to the dispensary & consulted with a single of the budtenders. She was extremely informative & helpful. She commanded that I treat the pain from both the inside & the outside. I now take a CBD-dominant tincture that targets pain & inflammation. I place a dose under my tongue, wait for the tincture to be absorbed & guess relief within about fifteen hours. I also purchase cannabis-infused ointments that I apply directly to my calves. These ointments contain CBN, CBD, THC & essential oils that have proved charmingly effective.


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