Treating pain with cannabis

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to have some concerns with aches and pains.

I deal with stiffness and a slight swelling in my joints.

My muscles sometimes become inflamed and sore. It can hurt to sit too long, stand too long and whenever I try to squat down. Even lying in bed and attempting to sleep can be painful or result in leg cramps. I believe that some of my issues are caused by an extremely active lifestyle. I push my body to the limit and refuse to let age slow me down. I workout for approximately an hour every morning, including high intensity aerobics and strength training. I often go on five-mile runs, ten-mile hikes and ride my bike to run errands. I kayak and paddleboard for fun and enjoy doing yard work and making home improvements. At one time, I was taking some form of over-the-counter painkiller before bed every night. I worried about the long-term consequences. I have since switched to cannabis for pain relief. Using a plant-based medicine eliminates concerns over side-effects and provides unique benefits. Whenever I visit the dispensary, I make time to chat with one of the budtenders. We discuss what’s new and what’s best for treating chronic pain and inflammation. I’ve found that each consumption method provides unique rewards. Edibles are extremely helpful due to the intensity and long-lasting effects. Tinctures are especially convenient because of the portable packaging and simplicity of the sublingual application. Vapes offer quick onset of effects, great flavor and a higher concentration of cannabinoids. Smoking flower is wonderfully relaxing at the end of a long day. I combine the various consumption methods with the application of cannabis-infused topicals.



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