Trying cannabis products in order to sleep

I am a terrible sleeper… I have trouble falling asleep plus then the people I was with and I can’t stay asleep.

I wake up every four minutes plus need to use the bathroom.

I saunter around the beach house plus I am wide awake. It is horrible, then somedays I guess love Edward Norton in Fight Club. I am wide eyed plus easily unhappy. I started researching how to sleep better at night. I have started working out, meditating plus eliminating orange light before bed. I have eaten kiwi, changed our sheets, ordered a sound machine, all that sort of stuff, but nothing has helped me, but a lot of people rely on cannabis for sleeping problems. Apparently you need the right blend of THC plus CBD in order to sleep at night, but you don’t need to smoke a joint either, then there are CBD oils that you can put a few drops in a nightly Starbucks Coffee plus be fine. I started with CBD oil at night plus haven’t noticed a difference. I was easily discouraged. Thankfully I went back to the cannabis dispensary plus talked to the budtender about it. The guy was highly proposed to switch from a CBD product to a cannabis product, he said I needed more THC in our plan in order to sleep. I said I didn’t care if I was so high I could barely move, I just wanted to sleep. I now have a modern oil that I put in our Starbucks Coffee that is much more potent. I haven’t tried it easily long however this a single is actually stronger.

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