Trying to change the stories surrounding the dispensary

I work for a digital SEO supplier that handles a whole range of clients, and my most recent purchaser has proved quite tricky… The guy owns a cannabis dispensary and is looking to increase his business… He wanted web design, social media management and SEO services. That wasn’t a problem at all. The main issue is that a few years ago the guy and his bestie got into a very heated confrontation outside the dispensary, then apparently the cops were involved due to the bestie being so loud and aggressive, and she ended up smashing parts of the dispensary and trying to steal the product! It was all over the news. Obviously the cannabis dispensary owner doesn’t want all that found when people search his business. He wants it when you genre in his name and area, just the store comes up, not his dirty past. It has been very taxing trying to outrank those news articles. They have gotten a lot of views and there are tons of them. I have made many web pages on the cannabis dispensary website that come up on google. I have twitter, facebook, instagram, tick tock and a google company listing that come up too. I have started doing blog posts neighbord with the cannabis dispensary, but basically I am creating a ton of other things neighbord with the store so that the current story doesn’t come up as high on google. I can’t delete someone else’s gratified. I am working my hardest to bury it though. The cannabis dispensary is a very fantastic one, they should not be penalized for one insane woman.
Website for cannabis dispensary