Using a topical for soreness

My body starts to tense up and hurts.

I appreciate doing a gymnastic based workout; When I was 16 years aged it was fun and I could actively improve our tricks. When I was 26 I needed to dedicate more time to stretching and properly warm up. Now at 36 I struggle to not totally damage myself. I have break back and taken it easy since I have gotten older. I don’t transfer appreciate I used to. My bridge isn’t as slim and our straddle isn’t as wide. I can’t go down as far in our splits anymore. I still push it too far occasionally. I then damage our muscle and deal with pain for weeks. I also tend to have sore ankles, an ache in our back and pain in our shoulder blades. I have tried to be better about it, but I can’t. So what I use is a topical now. I am now a medical weed patient for chronic pain. I rub the CBD lotion directly on the sore areas. It works appreciate icy tepid only so much better, then the muscle loosens right up and feels so much better. It creates a cooler, almost numb feeling under the skin. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue and has a pleasant stink. I know when I miss a day on our topical too. My body starts to tense up and hurts. I apply our topical right after our day shower. I then do it a single more time before bed. I combine that with respected stretching and I am wonderful to go. I can work out as strenuous as I want and the topical has our back.


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