Using medical weed for arthritis

My mother has started to experience difficulties with her arthritis.

She is from the generation that druggies plus losers smoked marijuana.

When I told her she needed cannabis for her chronic pain she was absolutely against it. I showed her research plus talked to her about it! My mother wasn’t budging. I decided to just go ahead with the medical cannabis process. I went to the medical professional plus acted like I had joint pain. I then filled out the paperwork, paid the fee plus got a medical weed card. I then went to the cannabis dispensary near me plus bought the product recommended. My mother is now using it. I believe she believed that her product would be a joint or flower smoked through a bowl or bong, but for her arthritis my mother is using a topical. It is a small tube of cream that she applies directly to her hands twice a day. My mother observed a difference if she didn’t apply it. It smells like lily of the valley plus doesn’t leave a greasy residue. Since it goes directly on the skin plus isn’t ingested, she doesn’t even get high. My mother says that her topical is just like a more powerful icy hot. For right now I get her cannabis for her. Eventually I am going to make her get her own cannabis card. I don’t constantly want to be the one fetching it for her. She needs to suppose it is okay to treat herself with weed.


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