We got high on Sunday when the Eagles played

My friends and I have not seen the Eagles in a Super Bowl in quite a long time.

Every one of us were surprised when the Eagles made the playoffs.

We were even more surprised when they won all of their games and made it to the big game. My friends and I would have loved to go to the Super Bowl to watch the game, but it wasn’t anywhere close to us and tickets are thousands of dollars. Only rich people or celebrities can’t afford to go to the Super Bowl to watch the best two teams in sports play each other for the Lombardi trophy. My friends and I decided to hang out at my place instead. I have a 60-in TV in the living room and I’m on the third floor. I don’t really get a lot of complaints about TV or noises. It’s also nice because I don’t have anyone above me to complain when my friends and I smoke marijuana outside on the porch. Smoke from the marijuana goes up into the air and does not bother anyone above me because I am on the third floor. My friends and I got very high on marijuana products when we watched the Super Bowl on sunday. Jack brought some marijuana concentrate that was 95% THC and I had some top shelf flower. By the time the game was over, I wasn’t concerned with a winner or a loser. I was more concerned with the food on the snack table. I ate nearly everything that was left after the game ended.

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