We met up with some pretty cool and interesting people that night

My friends and I went to a concert and we watched several bands perform.

We only knew the main band, but several of the other bands ended up being pretty good.

We had a nice time while we were at the venue. We snuck outside a couple of times so we could smoke recreational marijuana. I took a marijuana vape pen so we would not get caught due to the smell. The smell of marijuana flower can be very pungent. Vaping marijuana is less suspicious. After smoking all of the recreational marijuana supplies, we were ready to have a burger and some fries. We weren’t going to stay close to the concert venue where the prices on everything are jacked up by 5:00 or $10. We drove downtown to a diner that I like. The place serves breakfast all day and all night. We ended up going to the same diner as one of the bands from that night. All four of the band members were sitting in a corner booth and my friends and I got a place right next to them. We struck up a conversation and they invited us back to their hotel to party. The party had lots of different musicians from the earlier show including the guys from the main band that we knew. It was one of the most amazing and unbelievable nights that I have ever had in my whole life. Those people were really cool and interesting and we partied with them all night long. I don’t know what life experience could possibly top partying with your favorite music band.

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