We take back anything that the customer doesn't want

The marijuana shop has a great return policy.

They take anything back that has been opened with zero questions asked at all.

If you don’t like the flavor of a mairjuana vape pen, you can return it to the dispensary for a different product of the same value. If the customer doesn’t like a particular marijuana strain, they can return the unused portion of the sack for a full exchange. The guy at the exchange counter doesn’t ask any questions, so we rarely have problems at that side of the counter. When I heard someone getting loud and angry, I walked over to the counter to see if I could lend some assistance. The new budtender looked flustered and I thought I could help. The customer was trying to return a small portion of concentrate for a full refund. We do not provide refunds. We only do exchanges for the same product or something of equal value. The customer was arguing that there was enough left to warrant a full money refund. It really doesn’t matter how much product is left, because we can’t take anything back and return cash to the customer. It’s a store policy and a matter of state law. I reminded the customer of our policy and I apologized for not being able to return the guy’s money. I offered him discounts on products that we had available in the store. The guy still wasn’t happy with the marijuana store return policy. He left the dispensary and didn’t even exchange the old product for something new.
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