When the dispensary has a sale, I max out on concentrates

It’s nice to get something on sale.

It rarely happens at the marijuana shop, so I get excited when I get an email from the shop.

Usually there is a sale around the time that coincides with a holiday like Labor day, Memorial day, or 4th of July. During times like this, some of the marijuana shops will have 25% off. One of the marijuana shops near me offered no taxes at all on all of their products on Labor Day weekend. The taxes on marijuana in this area equal 34.5%. When I got the email, I quickly checked to see how long the sale was going to last. It was a Tuesday when I received the email and I did not get paid until the following friday. I was happy to see that the sale was going to last until after Labor Day was over. During the next 10 days, the marijuana shop offered no taxes on all of their purchases. I went online to look at the concentrates. I maxed out on all of the concentrates that I could buy. I bought a gram of blackberry gelato, limoncello, and apples and cream. I also bought 3 grams of live resin blue dream, OG kush, and granddaddy purp. I bought 2 grams of concentrate that were a little more expensive than I would usually pay, but the live diamond strains were indicas and I knew they were going to be off the chain. Since I saved money on the taxes, I didn’t mind spending the extra $20 for that particular gram of cannabis concentrate.