When you can’t manage your own digital marketing

I am not tech superior at all. I entirely needed some help with my website, but years back I set up my website through an online platform just like wix. It wasn’t a good move. My website looked ugly & barely functioned. It also was holding myself and others back. I had curbside opening up provided but couldn’t figure out how to say it on my website. There was no way for a person to do their order online & then have time to pick it up at the store. They needed to do this all via iphone call. It was slowing down in the store corporation because a budtender regularly had to get the iphone. I wanted to offer cannabis delivery but feared it would be even worse of a problem. I finally looked for website solutions for dispensaries. I got my website fixed up by an actual web builder. He made it so I have multiple pages of content. My products are bolded & there is a separate page for curbside opening up. You just fill out the form with your products & now my budtenders just fill it out in the store. No iphone call needed. For cannabis delivery there is a separate page for that as well. It is all automated online & so is payment. The process is streamlined, efficient & a substantial money maker. My bartenders absolutely get to work with customers in stores & I have other employees that handle all online ordering. My corporation is booming since I had the dispensary website replaced.



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