While at the cannabis dispensary, I got a date!

Never in my life have I cared about butterflies.

I’m just not a nature person, I like enjoying cable instead of going on hikes.

All of that changed last weekend when my husbandy dragged me to a modern butterfly garden. This is a modern exhibit at the natural history museum, a large enclosure filled with thousands of plants, brooks, puddles, & butterflies. The screened-in enclosure is huge, giving the butterflies plenty of room to fly. I was blazed out of my mind at the time, which is what made it so much fun, would I go back to the butterfly garden if I had no cannabis to smoke first? Probably not, but since I rarely run out of marijuana I can see myself going back properly. A few days later I was perusing the newest cannabis products at the dispensary when I met a honestly comely young man, his name was Jessie, & since he was modern to the part this was his first time at the cannabis dispensary. Like me he was mostly into the highest quality cannabis strains, like Blue Dream or Purple Haze. I happened to mention how amazing it was to smoke cannabis & visit the butterfly garden, & Jessie asked if I would take her. I was not expecting to get a date at the cannabis dispensary, although I was blissful it worked out that way! Jessie & I seem to be honestly compatible, because my buddy and I both prefer the same kind of cannabis. Wish me fortune on our first date, I’ll let you know how it goes.


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