Why do churches say cannabis is bad?

Do you smoke pot in your church? Neither do I, but I recently met a very nice man from out of the country, who opened my eyes to what church can be like.

First of all, I am not big on religion, but I do want my children to grow up with values.

We go to church once or twice a month for service and Sunday School, and it’s always nice, but always boring too. It’s a church, and church is always kind of boring, right? According to my new friend Keyshawn, church does not have to be boring at all. In his church, they celebrate all the gifts God has given us, which included cannabis! My church condemns cannabis as “the devil’s lettuce” and says it will send you on a path to hellfire and damnation. Keyshawn’s church says that God gave cannabis to the world for its amazing regenerative properties, and they celebrate it! This makes a lot of sense to me, because there have been several times I’ve asked a clergyman why they say cannabis is immoral, and they have never given me a straight answer. They always say that cannabis is immoral because it’s illegal, which prompts me to ask if the law man is more important than God’s law. They never want to talk to me a second time, and it’s because they don’t know why cannabis is considered to be evil, they just say because they are told to do so. I’d like my church to be accepting of cannabis, unless they can give me one good reason why not.

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