Why is medical cannabis so expensive?

I thought medical cannabis was going to be cheaper than my pharmacy medicines.

I couldn’t believe how much money I put out on my first trip to the medical cannabis dispensary.

A bottle of cream for the pain in my shoulder, and two small vials of oil cost me over $100. I couldn’t believe how expensive it was. I called my doctor and told him I couldn’t afford to go to the dispensary very often. I was on a set income. Although the medical marijuana was easing the pain, it was more expensive than the pharmaceutical medication. He agreed it was expensive, but it was also more digestible and I wouldn’t have the side effects I was having. I tried several medications the doctor prescribed, and they produced some very bad side effects. I could be walking down the street and get so tired that I became disoriented. I would be talking to someone, and forget the conversation or become slurred with my speech. The doctor told me it was a nasty side effect of my medication. As much as I hated spending that much money on medical cannabis, I was at an impasse. I can go back to the pharmacy and become a lunatic, or I can go broke and use medical marijuana. Why is medical cannabis so expensive? I used my medical marijuana sparingly and hoped it would last a month. I spent nearly $100 a month on my medication, about the same amount on the medical cannabis. I knew that if I budgeted the amount of medical cannabis, it could last a full month.
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