Wishing noting but success for marijuana business

Just a few months ago, a new marijuana business came to our end of town.

Of course, there were some in the community who were typically dramatic about the advent of having a local cannabis spot right here. But then again, so many of those folks are pretty inauthentic because I’ve seen some of those people walking out of the cannabis dispensary. And of course, they were trying to be all incognito when it came to shopping for marijuana for sale. It’s pretty ridiculous to me. I mean, marijuana is a natural blessing that grows so prolifically to benefit those who use it. I mean, there’s a reason that it’s called weed. I’m nothing but thrilled to welcome this new marijuana business to our end of town. I’m actually just down the street from them in my flower shop. I guess we both deal in flowers just mine aren’t so ingestible. The first day they were open, I swung by with a big arrangement as a welcome to our business community gift. And I took a bit to wander around inside this local cannabis spot. I’m here to tell you that this is easily the best cannabis dispensary in the city. I’ve been shopping for marijuana in all the other marijuana businesses and this is for sure the most awesome one. And it’s right down the street! The owners are super people who are really all about getting the right sativa, indica and hybrid strains for the customer’s needs. I have to say that their recommendation when it came to girl scout cookies was absolutely on point. I love having this marijuana business in our end of town and I hope for nothing but success for these great people.



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