Work with no breaks? It sucks!

My boss Ed has been making myself and everyone else toil late every single morning this week, i haven’t taken a split on many of these nights. I dislike laboring late separate from a break, because I do not get to smoke any marijuana. I love to smoke marijuana in the mornings before I go to work, and again during the late morning when I get a lunch break, I have a whole hour. I go out to our truck and I smoke a fat joint after I have our lunch… When I have to toil late, I do not get another hour split until after the morning shift is over. If I have to toil late, then I do not get to smoke marijuana again… The effects from marijuana have worn off and I start to recognize actually irritable and grouchy, however one of the many reasons why I use recreational marijuana products is because of the fact that I actually get irritable and grouchy. I entirely dislike being around other people or in social situations, but smoking marijuana is one thing that helps myself and others out when I have to be around people. I had to toil very late on Tuesday and then I took our lunch split around 11:00. I didn’t get out of toil until almost 8:00 and that is over eight hours separate from using any medical or recreational marijuana products. As I was clocking out of the building, one of the gentlemen in the split room said something nasty to myself and others and I was ready to jump down her throat. One of our other coworkers reminded me that I needed to settle down. I was ready to put our fist in the guy’s face.

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