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Hindu Kush (AA) 1 Ounce

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Hindu Kush is a pure indica strain that was named after the mountain range that stretches 500 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan – where this strain originated. Hindu Kush harbors a subtle sweet, floral aroma, that is coupled by earthy notes resembling sandalwood and fresh herbs. This strain induces deeply relaxing effects that work to calm both the body and mind, relieving the user of chronic pain, nausea, as well as stress and anxiety. As users settle in to enjoy this sedating strain, a subtle calm at first takes hold of the mind before rapidly spreading to the body, easing negative thoughts and pain. Users will be left in a euphoric, hazy and unfocused state that seems to last for hours at a time before pulling the user into a deep state of rest. It is a true medicinal strain and can be used to treat a wide range of symptoms including insomnia, lack of appetite, nausea, muscle spasms or cramping, chronic pain, IBS, as well as chronic stress and anxiety.

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